Affiliative Mimicry

I realize this is totally judgy and thoughts and I certainly mean no offense but it drives me batshit crazy that mostly every coach has the same lilt/singsong speech/cadence when they introduce themselves on the calls (and if I’ve met them in private coaching they do not). I think it’s super creepy/cultish and it’s affecting my experience here because I tend to avoid calls. I thought I was imagining it until my husband said something about it to me when he heard a call.

C: Coach says “Hellooo Scholars” “Welcome, Welcome” “Alright” “Heyyyyy Scholars”
T: OMG I can’t listen to this
F: Irritated
A: Avoid calls, complain to my husband, arrive on call expecting to be irritated, vacillate about whether to write to AAC about this , call customer service, or bring to 20 minute session, think about cancellation, tune out during calls, go on Pinterest during calls, don’t utilize any part of the site
R: I don’t enjoy my membership

Maybe everyone hanging out together makes them all sound alike or they all want to be Brooke, or maybe they learn this presentation in training, or they think they can’t just be themselves. Regardless of the reasons this is present, I want to get to the place where I’m not so completely irritated by this.

C: Coach says “Hellooo Scholars” “”Welcome, Welcome” “Alright” “Heyyyyy Scholars”
T: It’s possible to enjoy the calls even if some parts irritate me
F: Open
A: Wait for introduction to be over, listen to content of call, accept that this is how the coaches present, commit to learning regardless of my feelings about the beginning of the calls , go over the results I’ve enjoyed thus far, commit to the learning that is available
R: I enjoy my membership