Afraid of being taken advantage of

I am working on commission for a special project. I know the lady who hired me pretty well. But the terms of our agreement are a little unclear to me. I asked her about it and she says let’s talk about it next week. While waiting, I realize that I have all this negative emotion about it. I am afraid that she will take advantage of me, even though I know that’s probably not true. She is a really nice person and I’ve known her for a while. I realize that this stems from my childhood. I see myself as a giver. But a lot of times when I give to others who I see need my help, people around me would say I am so stupid for believing in these people and that they are not really needy, etc etc.

C Getting paid $X
T I don’t want her to take advantage of me, because if she does that means I am stupid
F I don’t even know what is it I am feeling. I don’t think it’s really fear. Maybe shame?
A I am still taking action, but I would get very protective of my prospects and not allowing other people to get close to them because I don’t want them to get the commission or us having to split the commission
R ?