Afraid of too much confidence/pride

Over the last 18 months I have invested serious time in working on things about myself that I don’t like and that caused problems in my work and relationships (negative thinking, judgment, criticism). I want to be able to move forward as this new version of me, but I have a problem.

Increased awareness about my behaviors and their effects means I now recognize all the things I did wrong in the past. I wasn’t aware of these things at the time and blamed others and circumstances. However, I was oddly prideful and confident while being totally blind to my behavior and how it created results I didn’t want.

I want to guard against this past mistake (arrogance and pride) and the only way I can seem to do that is by limiting thoughts like “I’m awesome” or “There is nothing wrong with me” or “I deserve to be loved.” Instead, I think things like “I’m trying really hard”, “I’m doing my best every day” or “Someday I’ll be ready to be a whole person in a relationship.”

How can I develop authentic confidence that is in alignment with my new self?