Aha moment

Things are hectic at the moment because I’m choosing to think they are and I drove in to get some petrol at the servo and without being conscious of my thoughts bought a chocolate and let me tell you something…. I so wanted that chocolate that I couldn’t wait to get back to my office which was only 5 minutes away… I just had to rummage through my bag and eat it immediately and then feeling a sense of release. This was a real Aha moment for me as I finally got that whole eating your emotions thing in that moment. I intellectually understood it but it hit me like a ton of bricks in that moment of scoffing down that chocolate. I can’t believe that this is how I’ve been living most of my adult life…. unaware and numb! Omg that is life changing. I have never noticed this behaviour before in the moment always afterwards and then really didn’t understand why I did it and used to put it down to weakness! I’m so excited I had this epiphany. Game on girlfriend x