I allowed big time urges..

All of my friends drink…daily. Like I used to. Today we were at our club playing cards. I watched as everyone ordered their cocktails and happy hour food. I honestly have been avoiding these situations because its easier to stay home than to watch everyone indulge. Then I remembered…welcome the urges. The sooner you get to 100 allowed urges the easier it will be. Well, I think I did all 100 today for both food and drink. At first, honestly, I felt a little miserable. How can I relax, let loose have fun while drinking water? Then I decided to not be miserable. I decided to have fun, be funny, laugh enjoy, myself. And I did. Several times, someone would laugh and say…”and she isn’t even drinking”. Which let me know I was being myself. That I didn’t need the booze to make it easier. It’s an interesting group I hang with…literally they drink everyday. And for years, I thought that was normal. Some of them have 1 and are done, some more, but no one says “I’ll just have water”. No one said anything to me. My 43 pound weight loss speaks for itself right now. No one cares if I drink or not. Can I actually do this? Working on it. DMc