I read someone’s post on allowed urges and it seems it can be a time you would want to drink but don’t at all and not just when you have a drinking plan to drink one glass and really want to drink 3. Example: I was drinking 7 nights a week for years and then was successful with not drinking M-Th and planned my drinking for Friday, Sat. Sun. night. I wasn’t always successful on the planned nights of drinking but I was on the M-Th even though I WAS NOT PLANNING TO DRINK AT ALL (BUT JUST IN MY HEAD AND NOT ON PAPER UNDER PLANNED URGES). I was not counting those as planned urges. I thought allowed urges had to involve some amount of alcohol (using the drinking plan). So if I plan not to drink at all tonight and I normally would but there is no alcohol in my house and nobody around me drinking, then that counts as a planned urge?? I was NOT counting my M-Th not drinking where I would have drank in the past. Can a planned drinking plan be…Tonight I will not drink? when normally I would have alone in my house alone. So I can make a drinking plan for this though it it involves no alcohol at all. and also be counted as as an ALLOWED URGE? If that is true then this clears up a lot for me.
Thanks, Brooke