Allowing Urge versus Resist

Hi Brooke,

You mentioned in the OE tutorials about being able to allow an urge rather than resist it. I am wondering how to do that exactly? Let me know if I am on the right track.
Circumstance: at coffee shop
Though: those cookies look good
Feeling: indifferent–> Thought: no need for a cookie even though they look good
Feeling: crave–> thought: I need one, one won’t hurt, no stop, you need to lose weight

So is that the difference where you acknowledge your temptation and you say no to it (you resist but you are not all emotional/hyper up over it). I am just trying to understand the difference and then also want to know how to “allow” versus feeling friction and resistance to do so. I am assuming that allowing takes time, practice and also becoming in tune with your emotions.
For example, I bet if I have eaten my lunch then I will not be tempted or resisting cookies that I spot, whereas if I am hungry then the cookies will be very enticing and I may indulge.

I also think of it like Lasagna, which is my favorite food. Now, it may be my favorite but my family and I eat it only for special occasions like Christmas so it’s not a weakness for me. So I try to tell myself that if I can walk around daily and not be craving Lasagna it’s because I know it is an exception food that I can have here and there and is not something I should put into schedule. So I should treat all other foods like that that are not on protocol. Live a little and have it on your birthday but not necessarily have it weekly then.

Please let me know if I am on the right track. Thank you in advance.