Am I really tired?

Hi Brooke!

I am wondering how do you know if you are actually tired and need rest or when you are making it an excuse to avoid doing what you want to do? My goal for the first quarter of the year is to finish writing my masters thesis. This has been a big struggle for me for many years and I have put it off for up to a year at a time. I am really committed to finishing it now and did the do-goals and scheduled it into my calendar to make sure I could do it around my 9-5 job. Since I’ve started scholars my attitude has been so much better towards it, I’m sticking to the calendar and I am making very good progress. I took a day off work today so I could have two full days in a row working on it. I’ve just done about 4 hours today and have another four scheduled…but I’m exhausted!! I feel physically drained and if I lay down I think I’d be asleep in a second (its 3pm).

So I am wondering how do I know if this is procrastination or not? My brain is telling me to take and hour or two to rest, either nap or get some fresh air and I can push my work to later in the day, finishing up in the evening when originally I planned to be done by dinner time. That I’ll work more efficiently after a bit of rest, instead of continuing and making myself more tired and taking longer to get through the tasks…I think I should rest but I don’t want to not honour my plans either…

What are your thoughts?! Thanks! Aoife x