Am ready for, but need help with, intentional model

I’m in love with someone who is not in love with me anymore. I keep remembering the past and looking for reasons why he might still love me, and it’s hurting my ability to focus on the present or future. I cannot find a way to change my unintentional model into something positive and believable. This unintentional model has been my model for a year. I’ve sat with it long enough! I want to change it to something that allows me to move on, but I need help coming up with a believable and positive replacement. I keep thinking maybe I can do the reverse of the work last month. If love is an emotion we generate, then maybe I can generate repulsion for him. Turns out… nope. I’m not at all repulsed by him. Advice? Thank you so much

C: He ended our relationship
T: I’m in love with him.
How can he not love me anymore?
He is the only one for me.
F: Despair, sadness, and depression
A: Ruminating, remembering
R: Not moving forward with life