Amazing Live Coaching Session

I loved and related to Nikki today and took notes on it. I have been and still am in the same cycle as her. But…I am only in this program a week and have learned soooo much! I viewed the Drinking videos just to check them out and will slowly get there. But just everything in the program itself is helping me to shift my drinking patterns this week. My goal is to drink like a “normal” drinker. I have given myself permission to make a plan for myself as to when and how much I will drink and the one tool I will try to start is exposing myself to situations where drinking is going on and feeling the feelings and working with the “urge”. I love this. It is so the opposite of AA which I have done a million times and have been successful with abstinence for up to 5 months. I think it is a great program for many but there was always something about this program that was off for me. But of course AA is just for abstinence and that not what I’m looking for. I guess if you can’t truly buy into the principles of a program then it is never going to work. Anyway, the scholars school I hope is a way for me to change my life around and that includes my drinking habits and patterns. I also decided if I make a mistake, That is not reason to quit. I am human and will try to be compassionate with myself. I do need to be careful with myself that if my mind plays tricks with me and allows me to go off the plan on purpose because it will just be a “mistake” then I know I’m not going to be successful. If I go off the plan because I created premeditated excuses like…”well I’ll just count it as a mistake” then that is a red flag for me. It is like trying to trick yourself and you know your doing it on purpose. Anyway, I just had to say that I loved the Live Coaching with Brooke”.