People pleasing question.

To make a long story short, I people pleased my SIL for a good 3 years or so. (This was back before I knew of you)

I had no clue that I was doing that at the time.
She was constantly asking me for favors, to babysit, help her throw kids parties, and whatever else and I constantly seethed in anger and felt used.

And I know now that I was wrong. 100%.

But am I allowed to be mad at her for HER character flaws at all?

I mean, in all fairness she wasn’t a perfect human either…..! (My inner child’s voice) 😒

Even though a good year has passed since all of this took place, I still find myself getting pissed about it during my thought downloads sometimes. Out of nowhere I started to feel pissed and betrayed that this is still trying to consume my mind all the while she seems to be happily living life totally fine.

Is she really 100% at zero fault?

Is this how I need to accept it?

I think I know what your going to say. But can you touch on this a little bit more to make me understand this so I can be set free?

Thank you.