An Example of the Power

Hi Brooke.
My purpose is to be an example of the power of the Holy Spirit through mind management. My reason is because I want to live my life in gratitude and in awe.
I’ve had this idea as my purpose since before I started SCS, and looking at it on a day by day basis rather than a big picture, future accomplishment sort of way is interesting. I love love love SCS and am enjoying it very much. I do often feel like I am missing opportunity though by not engaging with you as my coach. I read all of the posted questions, watch all of the videos, and do all of the homework. My personal growth has been through the roof, but I have this nagging little feeling that it could be magnified to mind blowing proportions if I would just reach out more. Every time something comes up, I self coach before I “ask Brooke” and that seems to solve it, so I don’t ask anything. I never seem to have a question or a problem to present for the 10 minute tutoring sessions either so I don’t utilize them.
So on the one hand, I feel like this is going great but on the other hand I am worrying a little that I’m not doing all that I can to make it even better than great. I have no idea, however, what more to do. Here’s my models on it:
T: I’m missing out by not utilizing all of the tools
F: worry and disappointment in self
A: try to think of something to ask
R: new thoughts of inadequacy in going deeper so I do nothing more

T: Brooke does not have to interact with me personally for me to receive all of the coaching I need.
F: confident
A: keep doing the work
R: continue to grow

I’m not even sure what my question is. I just have this nagging little concern every month so far about whether or not I could be reaching even high by being more engaged so I thought I’d present it and see what you say. Thank you for your input.