Angry at Incorrect Belief

The other day I was at dance class and we were given a sequence to practice and perform. I was only focused on getting each step down and putting them together. One of the moves, is something that I know that I have struggled with in the past (I know a thought), but I could say in a circumstance line, I have not been able to complete the move (Split turn out) in past sequences. I was starting to get a bit frustrated as I practiced the sequence and asked my neighbor for some tips. I tried to re-incorporate the new tips into my sequence to see if they worked for me. Even with the tips, I was starting to become frustrated that the move was not coming to me. After everyone practiced then the teacher said we were gong to do mini performance of the sequence for everyone in the class in small groups. I performed the sequence, not completing the one move and was embarrassed. I have been working on flexibility for several hours a week for the last year, so I am sure many thoughts about my dedication and effort came up that created the embarrassment and frustration. As I watched the last performers, I became angry because they were able to do the split turn out and I know their flexibility with splits on the floor during warmups is not as low as my flexibility. After thinking about my roller coaster of emotions, I started to question my anger as this is not an emotion that frequently comes up for me. I thought my anger was due me not doing the move and their ability to accomplish the move. Then I started to realize that it came down to a belief that I know I have been telling myself that “Soon as I have more flexibility, I will be able to do a split turn out”. Now I am rethinking the events of watching the women and realizing that if 2 women did not struggle with the split turn out that have limited flexibility that I am incorrect in thinking this move requires the flexibility that I thought it needed. I started to realize these women are showing me that I can do this move if I spend a bit more time, effort and dedication to the technique of the move and change my thought around what the move requires. Can you please look at my unintentional and intentional models to see if there are things I could be considering?

C: Able to do a split turn out in a dance sequence
T: Soon as I have more flexibility, I will be able to do a split turn out
F: Frustrated
A: Not practicing move, avoid thinking about the move, avoid move in sequences, not making time to review the move technique
R: Not able to do a split turn out

Intentional (started with Result line)
C: Able to do a split turn out in a dance sequence
T: I will be able to do a split turn out as I practice the proper technique consistently
F: Determined
A: Put practice on calendar, put sequence with split turn out on practice plan, review technique, ask friends for pointers when practicing, video practice and incorporate changes required from watching videos
R: Consistent practice of split turn out (3~5 times per practice 1 time a week)