Annoyed at work

So I recently went full time at my job. After my hours were set, the Dr. I worked for added 4 additional hours on per week that was not discussed initially. She stated that this was to make things fair as the other full-time employees work 44 hours per week and I was scheduled for 40. She wrote and addendum in the employee handbook that these additional 4 hours are to be completed on nights and weekends. While I think it’s ridiculous that she added these hours on after the fact, it is what it is and I need this job right now. My intention is to leave here within the year as I want to work for myself. However, I have a lot of limiting thoughts that I am having a hard time shifting. ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I don’t know how to make this work’, ‘I don’t know if I can’, ‘I’ve never made that much on my own’, ‘I don’t know where to start’, are the top tunes playing. I know that those beliefs are serving me – any advice how to shift these ingrained beliefs – it’s feels really far off to create this? My intended result is to create $60,000 on my own(matches my current salary) before I leave this job. Thank you!

t: I’ve never earned that much as an entrepreneur
f: overwhelmed, defeated, anxious
a: fester in my negative beliefs, don’t take any actions, complain about my current job, buffer with food
r: don’t earn any additional income

t: I don’t have enough time
f: overwhelmed
a: none towards my business, don’t schedule anything, stuck in inaction,
r: do not even try to figure out if there’s time to do something


t: since others have earned that much as entrepreneurs, it is possible for me to as well
f: open and intrigued
a: reach out for help, start to brainstorm and play with numbers, start trying different things and evaluating
r: start the wheels in motion