Another ‘thought download’ question…:-)

Good afternoon, Brooke, et al!
I remain a little confused regarding my daily practice. My sentence for the month will have to do with losing 30 lbs as quickly as possible and healthy and keeping it off.

My interpretation of Thought Download assignments: brainstorm all positive thoughts from future 150lb-Laura for 10-20 minutes and write them down in the March workbook. To answer the questions, the new sentence is one that I decide on by reviewing the positive thoughts? Once I write down the new sentence that I want to believe, is that the sentence that I will use for the entire month?

I think herein lies my confusion: writing down a “new” sentence implies different from the day before. So, if I am to use the same sentence all month, it’s no longer “new,” correct? I could potentially write the same sentence in all 30 instances of question #1.

I apologize for getting so very detail oriented, but I want to understand the best way to proceed and THEN pour my heart and soul into it!

Hugs and thank you for your time answering my question!
Laura S.