Another way “Not Enough” is sneaking in?

Hi Brooke, I’ve posted on here a lot lately about not enough. Here’s another model that I’m thinking is tied to not enough:

C: Brooke said hi
T: I’m not pretty enough.
F: Shame
A: try to focus on something else, check what I look like in a mirror, (if I don’t look okay) beat myself up, spin in thoughts
R: Not allow self to see pretty in me?

So this thought plus – She doesn’t think I look good, I didn’t say the right thing, crap did I call her husband the right name? Do I have the right clothing on? etc comes up when I talk to someone who I think has more merit than me. I’ll immediately start spinning in thoughts as soon as they walk away. Is this an extension of “not enough?” This happens over and over again.