Anxiety about coaching others

I am beginning to practice coaching others during my certifications and I’m having a lot of anxiety – about not being good enough, of not offering enough, of what others will think of me.

Model 1:
C – In Week 4 of CCT training
T – I’m not good enough
F – Anxious
A – resist practicing, approach the work with an anxious energy, question everything I do and say, and don’t do or say, buffer and avoid
R – I find evidence that I’m not good enough, I don’t get better

Model 2:
C – My Model 1
T – If I think this way, I will definitely fail
F – Scared
A – More of the same, not practicing with openness to learn, avoiding
R – I fail

I’m stuck in this model spiral. I know that thinking this way will cause me to fail so then I have models about my model. How do I break the cycle?