Anxiety around Money

I am self-employed and have dramatically increased my financial goals this year. I’ve gone from paying myself $3K/mo in 2018 to $6K/mo in 2019. So far, I’m on target (though in May I raised it to $8K just for the month b/c I knew I’d be busy, but didn’t manage to pay myself quite that much). I have noticed recently that I have a lot more anxiety around the financial side of my business now which is not what I was going for! I think it’s safe to assume that it’s due to higher expectations and that it isn’t as ‘easy’ (at least not in my head) to do this as it was to do the lesser goal last year. How do I change my thinking on this? Like I said, my anxiety has really increased this year…trying to steer myself away from that as I plan to increase my goals yet again next year and don’t want to continue to increase my anxiety at the same time.