Anxiety fueling action

Hi! I am in charge of a school and make daily decisions around COVID safety precautions. I am currently feeling pressured by my bosses to make decisions that could increase risk of exposure to students and staff. We are understaffed, and I am worried that we can quickly find ourselves in a position where we don’t have enough staff to cover all the classes. We would have to put classes together, which increases exposure. If we run out of large spaces to do this, which can easily happen, we could be violating both safety guidelines and union contracts. I worry that I will be blamed if this occurs, and worry even more that someone will get sick. My anxiety has propelled me to keep proposing ideas and pushing for more support. Sometimes, this works.
My brain is trying to credit the anxiety for when I push for more help and get it. Would I be as persistent if I didn’t feel the anxiety? And does it have to be so intense? It’s like I’m tricking myself into thinking I can control outcomes if I just keep thinking and worrying about it.
Thank you.