Anxiety about not doing it right?

Hi Brooke! I LOVED the Modelthon! I’m SO excited to see just what I’m able to do with this life and I’m super confident I’m on the right path, pursuing a new career in real estate and life coaching and creating my new body. I was one of those people you mentioned at the beginning that was struggling with thinking I knew so much that it was hard for me to volunteer in class. I kept trying to dig up any issues so you could “deep clean” but every time I would come up with something I’ve been working on I kept thinking I knew the solution and that I just had to keep working on it daily. “What would Brooke say?” goes through my mind a lot and I use your method of asking my future self a lot as well, so I’m able to coach myself pretty well now. SO GOOD. I could have just talked about how this program has changed every single aspect of my life for hours and hours but kept quiet and learned such amazing things from the other participants. Especially from your coaching for the woman who had a friend who had passed away from cancer. I didn’t know I had the exact scenario with my grandmother and now I know my decisions were made from love and love is never wrong. Thank you for that.

I’ve changed my past. It was perfect and has served me well to get to this awesome point in my life where I’m doing everything deliberately. I’m even thankful for my weight struggles. I know this weight loss will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m willing to feel all the feelings associated and feel like ass. 🙂 I lost 15 pounds Jan 1-Mar 14 (Mar 14 was when I started my birthday bender that lasted two months!) gained that weight back and I’ve been on protocol since July 1 and have lost 9 pounds. I’m now confident and committed. My ONLY fear is that I am following this no sugar/no flour protocol based on everything you’ve taught, the several books I’ve read on fasting, fat, etc. and what if it’s just more science that isn’t actually correct and I’m harming my body somehow? Just like how we followed low-fat for so many years and got fatter. Even though I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway, and have been able to manage desires and urges completely, I’m thinking “what if I’m not doing it right?” I’ve been really catching those desires and urges and breaking down any thoughts/feelings behind them. Amazing work and thrilling breakthroughs.

I guess this all comes down to “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” Is this a situation where I just need to sit in my anxiety about this and feel it out?

Thank you for devoting your life to this work. It’s just simply brilliant.