Anxious thoughts

I am finding that there are some thoughts that are recurring and I do models on almost everyday. I create an intentional model and do believe the new thought and practice it, but it’s funny because I wake up with the same anxious thoughts and usually go to sleep with them too, but for the rest of the day I don’t have them.

My brain generates the thoughts everyday but what I make them mean now (which is that they are meaningless and just my anxiety) versus what I made them mean six months ago (which was that they were all 100% fact) has changed. If my brain fires up every morning and produces these thoughts for the rest of my life, I truly am okay with that because I letting that control my feelings and actions is a choice.

Am I doing my models wrong because I’m still having these thoughts pop up? Do I just need to keep at the work longer and see progress over time? Or, is it just something that my brain does, and will probably always do, that I can see as a “mechanical” problem or misfire that means nothing and just move on with the day?