April Goal BM (follow up)

Hi Brooke

Just been for a run and I think I have just had an ah ha moment. My frustrations with my scientists are actually my fails and my willingness to fail and keep going with my product development no matter what, each time some research doesn’t work out, and often it is a dead end requiring new research or sometimes a new team. I have been in R&D for well over 6 months and with 5 different scientists/institutions and so far the scientists haven’t been able to engineer the product I need, but I know it can be done and I know it will change the world when it is done, so instead of giving up, I am willing for the R&D to fail and for the scientists to be slow and non responsive at times until I have success, I think this is building incredible resilience in me to never give up, because I am not there yet but I will be and I know 100% that these product R&D challenges can and will be solved. I feel great! thank you 🙂