April Project – Legoland

Hello Brooke and Team. My husband and I took my 37 y/o step-daughter and her two boys (4 & 6) to Legoland for two days. This included three nights at a hotel. We had a very good time. This was my project for April. I decided ahead of time I was going to have a positive experience and I did! My daughter has struggled for many years with drug addiction and we’ve not been had a good relationship off and on. Most of the time I blamed it on her, for the last few years I’ve learned it’s my thinking creating my feelings and not her actions. (Thank you Brooke!) Due to the work I’ve done here I’ve come to believe that past does not matter and I can decide what my experience I chose to have. Outrageously powerful.

In the past, my thought was if I had uncomfortable or negative feelings my experience wasn’t good. I’ve grown so far from there! I was at times totally uncomfortable travelling for eight hours at a stretch or surrounded by over-amplified toddlers in Legoland. My animal brain was sure this was very threatening and that we should get our ass back to the cave pronto. Then I remembered my feelings are created by my thoughts and readjusted, enabling me to enjoy this special event.

Reflecting on this experience and who I’ve become to be able to have it is priceless.