How to stop buffering while being depressed??!! Contd.

HII Brooke,
Thank you for your reply. But, I am a bit confused about how to do it …? As I am used to buffering a looot in the day , can I schedule a two-hour time frame to be aware of buffering to start and, then, increase the time frame every week to eventually make a habit of not buffering all day ???
Also, because I think I am depressed it is sooooo unpleasant to not buffer and feel the emotions. Will that improve with time as I do everything you have advised to do and not to do in the DEPRESSION PODCAST? Will not buffering be easier as I introduce other activities like social activities, fun activities, self-care activities to my daily life schedule that will increase positive feelings because all i do now does not have much activities? I am just sitting and buffering so only experiencing negative depressive emotion when trying to not buffer? (p.s. just started to implement advice in DEPRESSION PODCAST)……