April’s Work

Hi Brooke,
For April I’m working on why I procrastinate.
I have a home business for more than 6 years that helps support my family with the money I make. I feel really burnt out for the past 3 years because I think I shouldn’t be sewing. I want to be the idea creator/designer/visionary but I work alone so I have to do the routine work every day. I want to hire help but money and an unreliable business model isn’t helping, I want to make sure I have enough orders before I can hire someone. So I create a business plan that is going to help me to get steady orders but many of this steps aren’t in my expertise so I hire people to help that aren’t experts (less expensive) and it’s leaving me with more work to do to complete the projects which reaffirm my thought that I shouldn’t be sewing and that I should be working on building my business. I need to change this thought for something more empowering and less depleting. I feel stuck, I want to run and hide, I want to go to sleep with the hope that when I wake up I’ll feel better, but it won’t work I tried it before. I need your help.
Thank you in advance.