are some people’s hormones too messed up to lose weight?

I eat a Paleo diet, no sugar, no flour, and I’ve kept a diet log for months. I’ve been eating Paleo for 2 years. I don’t overeat. When I look at what I eat, it is FAR less than my skinny friends. I exercise 4-5 days a week. I don’t snack. I only drink water, no alcohol…yet I can’t seem to lose weight. Are my hormones too messed up at this point (from years of yoyo dieting)? I’m in tears. I feel like if I cut back anymore on what I eat, I’ll have disordered eating since it will be such a small amount. I’ve asked my doctor and my trainers and they all feel I don’t overeat either. My thyroid is normal. My fasting insulin is 5 (which apparently is optimal). I’m not perimenopausal and don’t take birth control. All the professionals I’ve talked to think I am just not reporting what I am eating correctly, but I do – to the cup. Please help!