As a physician the Elections are driving me mad.

I just feel like I cannot handle what is happening in this election. I need help with my model and it is keeping me up at night.

C: I have some ‘friends’ that say they are Trump supporters. “WORDS”
T: I cannot believe people that I love would want to support a racist, anti-climate, self serving president
F: I feel depressed.
A: I avoid social media because I can’t handle the back and forth.
R: I further isolate myself from my friends and avoid the discussion.

I want to engage them. It is almost impossible to not judge people (physicians) who would vote for the man who has been a COVID denier.

I want to find a better feeling than depressed. But I can’t. Even if the elections end with Biden in the White House, the thought that so many of my friends and physician colleagues would support such an individual is truly depressing.