Ask if I would like a salad

Background: My husband and I are temporarily living with my mother. She cooks breakfast and dinner for us almost every day of the week. We are really fortunate. We also have rented office space. Today I look in the trash to see a bag from a local salad bar and I’m really upset that my husband didn’t ask me if I wanted anything. Usually when I go outside of the office I will text him and ask if he wants anything. I realize this is my manual for him but my
T = Not asking me if I would like a salad is selfish
F= angry
A = spend the night at the office

How do you handle situations when you don’t want to change your thought. I DO think his actions were selfish. The obvious is tell him what I think but I want to have a healthy approach to this and start with what to say to myself vs. what to say to him.
The R that I want is a relationship where we both are selfLESS and consider the other person at lunchtime.
What are my next best steps for my model?