Ask my I hate that my Husband Makes so Much Money Again!?

I am struggling with the amount of money I make vs my husband.
I work a corporate 9-5 which helps the household – but my coaching business or I guess lack of coaching business at this point is not bringing in anything which makes me feel less than. Makes me have to ask for money to invest or spend.
I am happy that my husband over the last couple years has doubled his income more than once – I am not ungrateful—-but we are empty nesters now and I desire that success for myself also.
How do I get to a place where my mind is right on this?

c – husband makes A LOT more money than I do
t – I am grateful but I am not an equal
f – less than/depressed
a – keep taking action in my business
r – not an equal contributor

c – husband makes A LOT more money than I do
t – He’s so amazing and doing so much for our future
f – grateful
a – be there for him – listen to him – help in anyway he needs around the house
r – he’s stabilizing our future

This IM feels great it creates more appreciation but doesnt help my money issue.
I guess I need another IM for that…..

c – my business is making no money
t – I have the ability to change that
f – positive
a – continue working in my business – stop over consuming – stop allowing myself to play in mind drama
post – do lives – give value
r – My business will start to create money

Not sure this all flows or if I am missing the obvious.

Thank you!