buffering instead of working

I have just listened to the buffering call (very interesting) and I have a question.

I am buffering a lot when I should work and I want to work. Here what happens in my head :
– I plan 2 focus hours for work and I sit at my desk
– I start doing other things
– then I think “please, work, stop doing unimportant things, and get the job done”
– sometime, after a while, I will start my work (sometime not at all)
– then, every 10 minutes, my mind says to myself “please stop, here are all this unimportant things you can do instead”.

On the buffering call, I understood that accepting the buffering with compassion and love can really help. Here is my question : if I accept my buffering, I stop working and stay with the uncomfortable feeling so I am not doing my job.
If I keep fighting against the buffering, I am not doing my job either.

I started practicing some thoughts like “even if it is uncomfortable, I want to do it anyway”, “or “I honor my daily plan because I want the result” , but until now (first month on scholar) that buffering is staying and I am getting zero work done…

Do you have a recommendation here ?