ATG Responsibilities Meeting

Hello, I’m working on a model and would love some help cleaning it up, as well as feedback and observations, please. Q- indicates questions I am asking myself. Things in parenthesis are my comments on my model. Thank you!

At my place of work, there is a re-org of roles/responsibilities in progress. The roles and responsibilities are being defined, and responsibilities are in transition as past work continues and new work starts. There’s a meeting titled: ATG responsibilities. ATG is the project name. At the meeting, a person says what has been done so far on the project and some desired results of the ATG project, including due dates. I am a creative director at the company.
This is an inefficient way to handle the project (and transition of responsibilities)
Q – So what?
There’s only so much time.
Q- So what?
Other things won’t get done when I would like them to be done. I would rather be doing those things than spinning on roles and responsibilities (this T is my disdain for inefficiency, what I’m going to put into another model).
Q-So what?
Those things are my job.
Q-So what if you don’t get those things done?
I look bad
Q-To who?
Me (ha!)
Q-What is looking bad?
Not over-delivering. Not getting done what I could get done if other’s were doing their part.
Q-How does that make you look bad?
It doesn’t (For the intentional model, I’m going to try R as be realistic expectations for myself.)
Am over-responsible
I am unrealistic about what’s possible for myself and others
Try to change circumstances
Ask questions
Provide solutions
Listen less
Impatient that others don’t see or offer solutions
Annoyed I have to
Sad/alone (I’m the only person who sees it)
Victim (I’m the only person impacted by it, e/o else is doing great)
Sad/victim (people don’t see consequences for me)
(? are feelings actions)
Make a problem for myself, more work for myself
Spinning my own wheels