August homework – brainstorming ideas, dreams, desires for my purpose

I’m a bit stuck on the brainstorming section of our homework. My purpose is…I want to be the best version of myself and inspire others to be the same! My main focus is weight loss (10 pounds to go), and other areas of focus include:
-coming from abundance
-modeling calm, patience, holding space for my children
The words “dreams, ideas and possibilities” sound more lofty to me and I’m having trouble coming up with some.
One I thought of is in regard to our family’s plan for this year. We are moving to Spain with our kids, to give them a perspective of living in another country and culture. I would like to inspire our kids, through my actions and attitude, to embrace this challenge, be patient with ourselves, greet any obstacles as opportunities etc. I’ve also considered creating a blog (although I’m not a “writer”) to share our experiences, in hopes that it will inspire and educate other families to make a plan for their own adventure.
I’d love to come up with some other dreams/desires related to my purpose – surrounding weight loss or this trip. Perhaps you have some prompts that could help me get there?
Thank you!