August Model Question

Hey Brooke,

Need some assistance here with the UTM and ITM part of the daily homework.

Im trying to figure out what to put in the MODEL.

An obstacle that I have is the way I act towards certain people.

It’s usually people at work.

Whenever some of them greet me, I kinda just want to get past them and not even try to engage. But when I do find myself in a place having to make small talk, I make it short and quick. It makes me feel icky and disappointed in me. Like I really feel bad about not showing any interest in other people. I try to excuse myself by saying I just like to be alone and I’m shy but I know I can be super open with others if I tried. But it’s as if I don’t want to bother with some people because I would rather go do something else related to my own interests. I also don’t listen fully without getting lost in my own head. Sounds super shallow now when I think about it and opposite of my purpose which is

I awaken my soul and the souls of others ,through Love, Courage and Excitement, to all that is possible in this world.

Making people feel like they aren’t worth my time is NOT in alignment with my purpose in anyway. I’d like to be able to make people feel like they matter and they are actually being heard. I have done this and have been attempting to do this lately when I actually remember and slow down and get outside of myself.

Can you help me out with putting this in the model for both UTM and ITM?

At first I thought about putting “I give some people at work the cold shoulder” in the T line. Or is it the thought I am having when I choose to act this when with people?