Awesome August!!!

This month is my FAVORITE!!! (So far since everything just keeps getting better) My purpose is to be an explorer of life.

Accepting that I am already amazing as I am and considering this awesome woman loves nothing more than a good adventure, it feels like life, perfectly lived is my life as an explorer. I journey in the world and all it’s natural wonder. I journey inside myself to discover all the beauty and darkness i contain and I marvel at it. With my clients, I discover hidden gems they may not even know, even with my massage work, I love to investigate their unique concerns and discover the cause or solution. All my favorite memories were adventures.

In parenting, life has felt mundane and tedious at times. I dream of sparks of excitement that I don’t normally see. On day one, I realized that seeing my parenting role as a journey and adventure has enlivened me in a way I would never have expected. Yesterday I explored how to change my kids mood with a quick outing. I explored getting their attention without yelling. I explored what could make each of them smile. What an amazing adventure already.