Back together with the ex?

OK, so I know this is a question about making decisions but this decision is really difficult for me.

I’m really torn between getting back together with my ex or not getting back together and honoring my decision to break up.

Getting back together with him really excites me. I love him and adore the way he loves me. He’s like an adorable puppy who is always so excited to be with me. He’s also amazing at romantic gestures, sex, and fantastic with my kids.

The reason I broke up with him is because we have very different views on lifestyle, politics, and our families are very different. That became too difficult for both of us.

The idea of not getting back together and dating also excites me. I love dating and I am in no hurry to find someone serious.

Finding someone who I love as much as him but have even more in common with seems totally possible but breaks my heart to think about leaving him behind.

I’m struggling with how to make such a difficult decision knowing that getting back together with him will be hard AND moving forward without him will also be hard.

I know you’re gonna tell me to just decide, but it just doesn’t seem that easy.