Bad choices vs. mistakes, are they the same?!

Hey Brooke,
I was thinking a lot about decisions I’ve made in the past. I have come to realize that there are no mistakes in life and things truly happened for a reason. I do think that my life is exactly the way it’s meant to be but wanted to see if you could clarify the difference between mistakes versus bad choices. As you said earlier there are no mistakes in life, but are there bad choices? Or is that the same thing? This topic specifically relates to making a bad choice by investing a lot of money and then losing it all. My life has changed since I realized that there are no mistakes in life and it was always going to happen that way. I have learned a lot by thinking this new thought and have come to peace with it. But was wondering if you could talk to whether or not there are bad choices or are they truly just neutral choices. I have made a lot of good choices that have had amazing results in my life. But maybe there are no good choices or bad choices in life but just choices as a neutral circumstance. Would love your thoughts on this! Thank you, Jen