Balancing passive action with massive action

Hi Brooke,

How do we balance passive action with massive action? There is a lot I need to learn (or that I make myself feel I need to learn out of scarcity/not-enough-ness) as a web designer so I am doing the work to make that happen, but I am not sure if it’s because I am making myself confused about the results I want to create in my life. If I wasn’t confused, I would want to own my own business.

C – ?
T – I don’t know what my big goal is. I don’t have what it takes to own a business. How do I even start a business and what can I even be doing now as I am employed and cannot take on my own clients? I don’t have money to start one now.
F – Confused, demotivated, fear
A – Learn more programming concepts
R – More knowledge, few results


C –
T – I want to own my own business. I need the skills to do that so I can balance learning the skills with growing my audience while I am still employed by someone else’s company.
F – Decided,
A – Learn programming, write blog posts weekly, create opt-in
R – Email list, blog audience, solid skills