Work guilt with being a mom

Hi Brooke,

I’m a mom to a wonderful, sensitive 2-yr-old boy. I’m in my mid-30s and have co-owned a small marketing agency for 6+ years. I’ve often felt a lack of passion, drive, and mostly apathy to my business. Being a mom and leaving my child in daycare for most of the work week feels shitty most of the time. My thoughts are very negative about this choice – because it is a choice to work… we need my paycheck for some extra expenses but could live more simply off my husband’s income if I really wanted to. I’m conflicted on this mom-guilt. My son is a much happier guy on the weeks that he’s home from school (holiday breaks, etc.), so I tell my self his happiness / sadness / tantrums / etc are my fault? Is this just a thought-loop I need to do work on or something else?

C: My son is in daycare so I can go to work
T: My son is unhappy and it’s my fault.
F: Guilt
A: Procrastinate on work / zone out
R: Do not meet productivity goals for Sept