Beating myself up

So I paid a girl $1,000 for a business workshop that was about $500 but I felt so strongly that I was ready and serious about busting through my fears and taking the action necessary for my business.

I strongly believed I’d get a ton of value form upgrading to the 1:1 package. What compelled me was her looking over my content and giving me some feedback as to what is and isn’t working based on her point of view.

I didn’t get that.

She kept talking about how she gets frustrated when clients want to ask her for things that they can just google and figure out themselves.

So I was turned off by that and didn’t want to ask her any questions that I felt I needed answers to.

I sent her my sales page for some feedback and she said “yeah it’s heavy on the text and could use some images but don’t worry about the sales page right now”

Her 1:1 support was no different than the support she was giving in the actual workshop.

She also never replied to my message on our last day that we were working together. So that kinda sucks.

It just felt like I didn’t get what I thought I was paying for.

The workshop was great although I’m doing a free challenge with a different coach that has given basically the same information but (probably a bit better) that was in the workshop.

I want to say, I needed this experience to know what a quality program would be from the free stuff and attention one gives.

I’ve gotten more clarity from the free challenge I’m in than I have in a while.

I also am happy with the fact that paying that amount pushed me to open my Facebook group.

But I still want to kick myself because I wish I’d found this other coach much sooner and i feel like I upgraded to 1:1 for nothing.

I’m trying to believe that everything is happening exactly as it should.

That these things are lessons that I need to guide me in the direction I’m trying to go.