Being a successful life coach

Hi coaches… Would like to have some perspective on whats going on in my mind and help me get out of this rut im in. So here goes…

Since i’ve found Brooke’s podcast about 10 months now and being in scholars for 5 months, the desire to be a life coach have been steadily increasing (driven by my consistent thoughts of ‘i want to be a life coach’). It helped me so much in changing my life (by changing my mind set) and i believe this is so worth sharing with others. with other people especially at work. Prior scholars, ive been almost always in a space of negativity and blaming others for my F-A-R, and of course with scholars ive learned its all on me and ive learned how to be more on a positive mode and allowing for that 50% negative experience and learning from it. So I really thank you!

One of my biggest challenge have been in dealing with people especially at work. Not much on colleagueal sense but more on handling people as a manager (i do handle a group of 11 people). In March work (believing new things), my new thought is that i am a great leader. Prior to this i haven’t even dared to call myself a leader. The feelings i wanted to have are love, compassion, firm and confident. Which i’ve been able to live out some of the times. So i think i’ve already got some traction here.

But then, when i look at the output of my team against the goals of the company and we are way below, i’m thinking that i am a failure. And in my mind, to be a successful life coach i need to be successful as a manager as well. So now my mind goes the path of throwing in the towel and quiting and hiding and self pity and thinking that i’ll never be successful whether as a manager or a life coach. And of course this makes me feel inadequate and anxious and thus makes me buffer on a lot of things (food, phone games, reading fictions, etc), thinking of being overwhelmed and disorganized at work and in my life, finding evidence why i’m not successful and will never be, avoiding any work on being a life coach or developing myself as a manager.

Please help me clean up my thinking. Thanks so much!