Being daring in life and business

I’m pretty sure this goes in this section and not business.

It’s the 4th day of dares. Day 2 was to ask a client who wanted me to run his business for what I think he should pay me to do the work. It was a LOT of money. I was bold and daring.

This morning he said no. Yay me, I didn’t cry on the Skype call but I did recognize that I was trying to make him comfortable while he was saying no to me. I didn’t backpedal on the number or cave, but I still saw myself people pleasing.

Parallel to that is that while I was traveling yesterday and working in the podcast book for the month. The question 8 for #167 “Look at a result in your life that you don’t want and write that here” immediately brought up the issue of overweight. It just bubbled there, so I wrote it down. Question 9 has the number (which is what they Army wanted me to weigh- 160#). And question 10 had a lot of writing that ended with “I don’t want to be skinny, sexy or noticeable”.

I am an extrovert’s extrovert. I can and do put myself out there with clients all the time. I’ve grown a half a million dollar consulting business in 5 years.

But somehow I have done that without being noticeable. Which is probably not true.

But writing down the number 160# makes me nauseous, my palms sweat and gives me a headache. So it seems like one of the very most daring things I can do is go through that nausea. So I started watching the stop overeating modules. I have gotten thru 7:01 on the second video. And Brooke says “The more uncomfortable you are, the happier I am”.

And I realized that I am not ok making my clients uncomfortable. And change with my clients can not happen unless I push them out of their comfort zone. And I can’t do that unless I am ok with being uncomfortable myself.

So I think it is clear what my dares need to focus on. Maybe not all of them but a lot of them.
I do however wish that I got something else besides nauseous and needing to pee when I feel uncomfortable. Boy I’d love that little buzzing feeling you talk about! It would be an improvement!