Being kind to myself

I have a desire to be kinder to others, and kinder to myself. This thought arose in quite a deliberate way. It actually came up in a time of prayer and was asked along the lines of “If God could help you with something, what gift would you want?” I thought, I want the gift of kindness.
Disclaimer. I used to think why would I want kindness or self control or faithfulness, just give me the work and I’ll earn the money. I had no need of those other attributes!
So now I am sitting with kindness which is a wonderful thing. Kindness for other and kindness for myself.

My question is how will this tie in with my thought downloads and models?
Will it tie in? Indeed, do you believe I am being called to kindness because so much of what Brooke teaches is around showing us that we can do nothing out of a spirit of lack or desperation.
That’s a slight side note my main question is around whether this desire to be kind to others and myself in a quite natural way will have an impact on my work in scholars?
And also how I could use this feeling of kindness in scholars, if that makes sense? Thank you!