Being "Mom"

I have been thinking about my life as a mom. I want to make healthier meals more often for my kids. I have always felt inadequate in this department – not the GENERAL mom dept – just specifically the “healthy meals”. Here is the model I have been working on:

C: I am a mom
T: I should cook more; I don’t really enjoy cooking; I am not creative in my cooking
F: Insecure, Unsure, Nervous
A: I cook because I have to , not because I want to , I continue being “not creative” and telling myself I am not creative. I have gotten the subscription boxes that has helped but I don’t do it every week and I still “beat myself up” on the days I don’t cook
R: I feel bad about myself and continue to prove to my brain that I can’t do it and I don’t want to do it.

C: I am a mom
T: I want my kids to be healthy
F: secure, fun, happy
A: I order groceries twice a week. I cook something I know or try a new “green chef box” and feel proud that I made something healthy for my kids
R: My kids and I are eating well, healthy, and I feel good about myself.

Help me get out of my own head?!
Thank you