Appreciation for Scholars & Flying

I’ve had a flying phobia for 10 years, starting at age 24. I have worked with many therapists on it, but have never really cracked the code on flying without fear.

Today as I was reading a therapy workbook, my mind drifted a little, and I found myself thinking about buying a house in Hawaii. I have the money to do this, but my fear of flying is what’s held me back from buying houses places that aren’t driving distance. Suddenly, my mind came up with the thought: “If the only thing holding you back from enjoying your money on traveling and living elsewhere is your thought about flying being dangerous, it’s time to change that thought,” and “You already have everything you need to make this happen, it’s just a matter of choosing different thoughts about flying.”

I believe I had that thought thanks to Scholars. While I still want to limit flying because of its environmental impact, this thought was very freeing and motivating for me. Scholars helped me loosen up my thoughts, and without even consciously choosing it, it allowed this thought to occur to me.