Being The Narrator

I would love to begin to be the narrator of my mind from a non-judgemental point of view. I want to start to see my thoughts and add in, “I notice that am thinking that … (fill in the thought here).”

This is not something that I am used to doing. I want to practice meeting myself where I am, noticing my thoughts and feelings, and not having to “fix” any of them. Do you have recommendations as this is not a habit I am currently in?

C Narrating my mind
T I don’t know to do this
F Confusion
A Tell myself I can’t do this, notice I do this only some of the time, fill myself with self-doubt, don’t problem-solve for ways to make this a habit
R I block myself from building this habit

C Narrating my mind
T Of course I can figure this out
F Certain
A Ask for help, put reminders in my phone, use “I notice I am thinking” … when writing my TDL
R I figure this out