Belief work about what I deserve (or don’t deserve)

I have discovered I have a belief that I don’t deserve nice things. My brain finds evidence in this in so many ways. I great example of this is the reality I currently live when I picked a place to live/car to drive. I’m currently looking for a new place to live and realized this belief is driving me away from houses that I love and I end up looking at “sensible” houses that I deserve.

C: Actively looking at houses with realtor
T: I don’t deserve nice things
F: Shame
A: avoid/buffer/procrastinate on houses that I love that I know will sale fast/loop about other people’s houses/look at houses that aren’t nice that I don’t love/withdraw into myself/not tell realtor what I’m truly looking for/dismiss my taste in houses/I don’t buy nice things
R: I don’t own nice things

Now that I have discovered what this belief is – it feels so real.
How do I shake its’ grip so I can stop believing that owning what you want has anything to do with deserving it?