Beliefs call – breakthrough

I admit I wasn’t planning to listen to the beliefs call, because I didn’t think I needed help with my beliefs. But it was in the private podcast feed and started to play automatically as I was driving. Traffic was bad, so I figured I’d just leave it running…and Whoa! Apparently the first belief I needed to challenge was that I didn’t need help with my beliefs!!

The instructor gave the example of a woman who has a belief that her home needs to be neat and organized, and could challenge it by thinking different thoughts, and even playing with the idea that mess is good. I chuckled when I heard it, because that woman could have been me, and I couldn’t imagine challenging this belief.

Well, I am here to tell you, she must have planted a seed of a thought in my head, because this weekend as I looked at all the strewn toys on my floor (which would typically make me start to seethe and bust out my manual about my kids shouldn’t be so messy), I chose to think, “I am so grateful to have my wonderful kids and see their signs of life around the house. They make our home and hearts so full.”

It changed everything. Not only did I go through the tidying feeling good about it, but it even seemed to take less time!! Amazing.