Believing in myself

Hi Coaches,

I’m in month 3 of CCP and having trouble believing in myself. I have 5 pro-bono clients (many are wrapping up), and want to start charging (current clients going forward or new clients), but I don’t feel like I believe in myself enough to do it, especially not at the rate I’d like to be charging ($100-$150/session). I don’t know if I should be working on my self belief, or my money thoughts, or my client, or my value.

I’m mostly afraid clients won’t come and they’ll all say no.
That I won’t be able to offer them what they need.
That I may not be doing it right. So how could I charge them?

I also don’t know if I should keep focusing on coaching as much as possible while in CCP (so offering it for free), or try to start charging… but then I may not get the clients during my time in CCP, and I’ll miss out on the chance to practice and get feedback.

I could really use your help. I need something beyond bridge thoughts here. How do I believe in myself more? I need steps. I’ve been working so hard on my thought work, I don’t know where to go from here. I feel so stuck. Thank you.