What is best to do now, while waiting

Hi Brooke.
I am planning to attend the 2018 LCS certification training. I came to this decision equipped with a great niche and idea for a business, but with zero technical knowledge….and I do mean zero. It’s been very scary, but I’ve listened to your How To Be a Life Coach podcast and took very good notes. Then I went back through the notes and made an outline of everything that I need to do. I’ve listened to Pat Flynn’s free training on podcasting. I’ve signed up for a free webinar from Amy Porterfield and I intend to get Claire Pell’s cheat sheet for FB ads. I want to be as educated and prepared as possible when I take your training next year, so that all of my fear and discomfort can come from putting myself out there to actually launch the business instead of feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing or what anybody’s even talking about.
So my question is this: What should I do during this year to be prepared for your training and starting my coaching practice? I know that your team will help me set up my website and get FB ads going and all of that but do I need to purchase Amy Porterfield’s Webinar training to be proficient at webinars or will I get that information from your training? I will not have enough money saved up by next September to pay out of pocket for everything that will be required. I will have to go into some debt, so obviously I need to be wise about what I pay for this year. What would you say are the best things to get done this year before LCS certification training?