Better Time Management

A piece of feedback I received last year and which I agree with is that I work hard but not smart. A goal of mine for 2021 is working smart. As a result, I decided to focus on the Time Management module in the Study Vault. That work started. However, I had a live coaching session and my homework from that session was about Finding My Purpose. I then felt that I needed to switch over to the Finding My Purpose work. However, my energy has not been there and as a result, I have not prioritized the work. My urge (maybe it’s an urge) is to get back to the Time Management module. Even thinking about it causes my energy level to go up and I get excited about spending time working on it. I truly believe that if I master managing my time I will then be able to focus on other things in a more efficient manner. I have a demanding full time job that requires my time.

Can I focus on Time Management instead of Finding My Purpose? Doing that makes me feel like I am not following the coach’s advice – maybe she saw something I am not seeing? Thanks for any help you can give me.